Lawn fence with a delicate touch, green, simple and clean characteristics of the shape, you can embellish the appearance of the building, so that your environment more warm and comfortable. The use of life for more than 30 years; feel fine, green, simple and clean characteristics of the shape, you can embellish the appearance of the building, the environment more warm and comfortable. Leading technology and formula, with colorful, smooth surface, excellent quality, elegant style, modern shape. Unique formula, lawn fence for anti-UV, anti-aging stabilizer to ensure that the appearance of a long new is not old, do not fade, not yellow, not brittle in winter, summer is not soft, never paint, maintenance and maintenance.

    Lawn guardrail is divided into: pvc lawn guardrail, cement lawn guardrail and spray the lawn guardrail, its main purpose is to decorate the courtyard greenbelt, the garden path, between the urban avenue, the pure white bright visual effect, lets the homeland, lets the city, lets us The place of life is more beautiful, more beautiful. The classification of the lawn guardrail is described as follows:
    1, PVC lawn guardrail
    Appearance: with white, blue, red, green and other colors, bright colors, smooth surface. Safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to people (animals): smooth surface, delicate touch, bright colors, high strength, good toughness, selection of domestic raw materials, even if the guardrail is not intended to touch steel, iron guardrail.
    Anti-aging test: -50 ℃ to 70 ℃ under the use of non-fading, non-cracking, not brittle, can be as high as 30 years.
    Maintenance-free: non-corrupt, non-corrosive, do not fade, do not need routine maintenance, do not pollute the environment.
    Installation is simple: the use of patented bearing friction connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, simple and fast, fixed and reliable.

    2, cement lawn guardrail
    Selection of high-quality cement, sand, steel and other special additives from the production, it applies to residential, courtyard, villa. Its products are high strength, bending, bending, tensile, frost, shock.
    Its strong sense of art: smooth lines, exquisite shape, the Western art and the East Charm blend.
    Decorative good: the appearance of bright and clean, bright colors, species diversity, with a variety of styles of buildings and regional environment harmony and unity, people cool pleasing to the eye, beautiful scenery.
    This kind of fence has passed the national building materials testing center testing, its appearance, size deviation, compressive strength, ultimate bending strength, impact strength, frost resistance are qualified.

    3, spray the lawn guardrail
    It is made of high-temperature hot-dip galvanized steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The surface adopts the world-class Akzo Nobel imitation pond electrophoretic coating. It has beautiful appearance, environmental protection, superior corrosion resistance and salt resistance. Fog. Excellent heat resistance, colorful, high strength, long life, low cost of maintenance and repair, re-spray can be used repeatedly.

With the improvement of living standards, people 's requirements for home decoration also increased accordingly, increasing aesthetic awareness. In addition to spend big thoughts in the living room, bedroom decoration, the use of outdoor areas, for villas, will be on the outside with a layer of pvc lawn guardrail, on the one hand to create the beauty of the villa. On the one hand they can spare time to enjoy, transformation is also constantly strengthened. As the family's leisure area. Now people not only put pressure on the work of the community, some people will be based on their own hobbies to go out and relax, carry forward their own fun, in order to ease the pressure of life and work. The introduction of the international advanced level from the lawn guardrail of the four-tier anti-corrosion coating automatic assembly line and complete Hulan, fence production equipment, the use of today's cutting-edge high-end surface treatment technology, the use of electrostatic coating process applied to the fence and guardrail products to portfolio Type pvc lawn guardrail-oriented, committed to the development of production from clean, high-intensity, pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements, to ensure that rust-free years of maintenance-free barrier products.

Today, Xiaobian I feel very sorry, 360 cloud disk company announced to stop the personal service, on February 1, 2017 at 0:00 on all the data will be empty, Xiao Bian I hear this The message was very surprised to accompany us through the more than 10 Aberdeen cloud disk will be the end of the data service in 2017, as for specific reasons I will not say, Xiao Bian in the 36-0 cloud disk which many pvc lawn guardrail Of the picture, planning and installation requirements, there are some on the fence of the information, are usually accumulated. This is the reason in itself is many, take now one of them, such as: steel, accessories to the coating, are used high-quality brand name products, fundamentally guarantee product quality, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance And wet heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions. , The substrate through the hot-dip zinc bath soaking, the surface adsorption layer of zinc layer, which play a protective effect, from the inside to the outside to prevent the rust of steel substrate.Through the pre-treatment and zinc-rich phosphating process enhancement The adhesion of the coating to the substrate. After the polyester color powder coating to form a permanent coating, no matter what the environment, zinc steel guardrail will not rust, fade, chalking, off, lasting color and bright.

Pvc lawn fence has always been our favorite products, not only beautify our environment, but also to our environment to add a new beauty.

The biggest difference between rural and urban environment, the city is dust, while rural areas, far away in the countryside, the environment is indeed a good place to say 2016 is also a year of good rural reform, pvc fence constantly in a variety of scenarios to Used.
In rural areas and pollution is not serious areas, can be used to protect the individual zinc layer or spray protective barrier plate alone, and heavy industrial areas or coastal urban areas, especially acid rain areas, ordinary hot-dip zinc or spray single coating The barrier is not reached the useful life of the useful life may be lost, resulting in greatly increased the cost of maintenance fence. For the plastic barrier, its corrosion resistance than ordinary hot dip zinc fence is good, but its technology, technology, cost and environmental impact and other reasons, the scope of application is not very wide. The use of hot-dip aluminum spray protection system, compared to hot-dip zinc spray protection system is an uneconomical approach. Pvc guardrail profile to overcome the fence surface is not smooth and easy to fatal flaws, we have seen before the barrier is the coating off, rusty, monotonous color, no gloss, very beautiful. And pvc guardrail in the metal profile extrusion coated vinyl plastic and plastic profile production process, in the surface and the whole section by adding large doses, different proportions of anti-aging agent, stabilizer, colorful, there are luster.
PVC fence with a light, heat insulation, insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, construction is simple and so on. Specifications, colors, patterns, decorative, is widely used in the production and life, and then extruded directly from the extruder; The second is the film method, this method is through the pressure bonding will glue and a layer Black film attached to the surface of the steel fence; the third is the surface spray method, this should be better understood, that is, the paint evenly sprayed on the surface of steel fence on it.
These are the conventional classification of pvc guardrail, formal because it is light industry, all the pollution was small, the environment and security are role, so a two-pronged approach, and the pursuit of the modern art of the United States.

2016 is about to pass, and blink of an eye again to November 11 this year, and our shopping season, we carnival season, lawn guardrail began to start selling tomorrow, different from previous years, this year we pay more attention to the fence Quality and accessories above, to ensure that the choice of time in accordance with certain specifications to carry out different and other barrier quality, the use of special release agent to ensure uniform color, smooth surface, the surface moist feeling, so as not to rain outside Time, if there is acid rain, to avoid the paint will get off the fence surface, then this will directly affect the timing of the guardrail, if the conditions, in the colder time, serious time will take some pillar corrosion . So the important thing is when the customer can not pay attention to the time of purchase price, should the important quality of the first place you, followed by the style of the fence is also diverse, for example, commonly used in industry, used in schools, In the most or generally in rural areas, our lawn rails will also be in the double eleven will also be in our various sales of the region will have a discount, there are promotions, the key is whether you have intention to order. Here I will from four aspects to brief introduction under the normal maintenance and maintenance of the fence where we need to pay attention, it is worth to see.
1 lawn fence template according to the mechanical manufacturing process, the template at the angle of fillet treatment, the size strictly in accordance with the design requirements, the template requires a certain degree of strength and rigidity to ensure that the construction is not deformed.
2. Installation should be strictly in accordance with regulatory requirements. To ensure that the construction does not appear to run mode, deformation, leakage slurry, and to ensure the appearance of quality.
3. Fence inside a certain distance from the embedded steel as a supporting point, firmly support the fence template to ensure a solid and stable.
4. Adhesive tape stitched plastic joints in the joints, the template should be used between the screw fastening, seams with a sponge material to fill the gap to ensure that seams tight, do not leak pulp, no pollution.
Lawn fence maintenance or our daily work, I hope the above information can be helpful to us.

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